What Happens If Your Arraignment is Christmas Day

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No one wants to be in jail over Christmas. We get lots of calls from individuals who suddenly find themselves incarcerated wondering if it would be possible for us to post bail for them on Christmas Day. The answer is both yes and no.

First, let’s discuss why we may not be able to post a bail bond for you on Christmas Day.

If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, you’ll need to be arraigned. One of the most important that happens during the arraignment is that the judge determines how much bail you’ll need to post before you’re released, whether you can use a cash or surety bond, and what conditions you’ll need to follow while you’re out on bail.

Even though it would be nice if your arraignment could happen on Christmas Day, the courts simply aren’t going to be open. The good news is that you won’t have to wait very long before your arraignment. Legally, your arraignment must take place within 72 hours of your arrest. The even better news is that once that arraignment happens and the judge makes a decision about your bail, we can write a bail bond for you. The even better news is that you can contact us prior to your arraignment. Even though you won’t yet know exactly how large a bail bond you’ll require, you can still fill out the bail bond contract and resolve a few other issues, making it possible for us to post the bail bond immediately after your arraignment’s conclusion.

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24 Hour Bail Bond Services

nashville bail bonds

Things the judge takes into account when they are considering the issue of your bail include:

  • Whether you can be considered a danger to the community
  • How strong your ties are to the community
  • If you’re employed and how long you’ve been employed at the same job.
  • Your criminal record
  • The severity of the charges you’re facing
  • If there are any instances of you failing to appear in court in your past.

In addition to those factors, the judge will also look at how bail was handled in similar cases. The amount of bail set in those cases serves as a baseline that the judge uses while determining what a reasonable bail is for you.

Provided that the judge states it’s okay for you to use a surety bond, you’re free to call Clarksville Bail Bonds and ask us to help you out with your bail. In exchange for a fee of 10% of the requested bail, we’ll write a bail bond for you. As soon as the court clerk has filed the bail bond, you’ll be released from jail and reunited with your loved ones.

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